Alien spaceships

04 April 2012, 20:04.

On this page we will briefly examine ¬†extra-terrestrial (UFO) spacehip allegedly housed and “back-engineered” at S-4, a Top Secret U.S. Military installation located on the Nellis Air Force Range, also known as AREA 51, Groom Lake / Papoose Lake, Nevada, approximately 160 miles north of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.



The craft is saucer-shaped and measures about 40 feet in diameter and 16 feet tall in the center. The Upper Deck Housing is about 10 feet in diameter and the base is flat, about 12 feet in diameter. The exterior skin is metallic and has a dull, unpolished aluminum finish.



The interior of the craft is divided into three levels:

(a) Lower
(b) Central
(c) Top



The Lower Level houses three gravity amplifier lensing and focusing mechanisms. The Gravity Amplifiers are independently positionable. Each can be moved from a vertical (“delta”) configuration to an upward angled (“omicron”) configuration via a 180 degree joint. These configurations determine the craft’s mode of travel (see Propulsion System.) These Gravity Amplifiers are connected to three amplifier heads located on the Central Level.



The Central Level houses control consoles, three small seats seemingly designed for children only, a central column (waveguide) and a reactor.

The entire interior of the craft is like the exterior (a dull, unpolished aluminum). There are no sharp edges to be found anywhere; every corner has a radius, as if the entire interior was melted together as one piece. (It looks like one huge piece of seamless stainless steel.) There is a small hatch in the floor with a collapsing grid of hexagonal cells that when pushed aside (sideways) allows access to the lower level.

The interior wall (inner skin) of the disc slopes up to the center from the outer edges. The sloping inner skin has archways in it that go all the way around the interior of the craft. When the disc is energized, one of the archways becomes transparent, like a window. Outside visibility is possible. Simultaneously, one side of this same archway becomes transparent blue and a cryptic form of lettering unlike any script known on earth scrolls up like a Heads Up Display (HUD) screen.

Located in the middle of the Central Level, a central hollow column (waveguide) about 4″ in diameter ascends to the top of the craft. The waveguide is where the gravity wave is channeled. This waveguide is connected to an “anti-matter” reactor on the floor, which is centered between the three gravity amplifiers in the Lower Level. The housing of the reactor is retractable for easy access.



Our source and the eye-witness was not allow into the upper level; therefore, it can be surmised the Top Level contains the navigational and electronic equipment.



The Reactor is about the size of a basketball. It is fueled by an orange, “super-heavy” stable element comparable to Element 115* on the periodic table. (At this writing, the highest atomic number listed is 106.) This unknown Element produces a powerful gravity wave and is the source of anti-matter radiation (see Propulsion System.)

* Note: Element 115 does not exist on planet Earth and apparently it cannot be synthesized.



The craft is propelled by an extremely powerful rotating and oscillating high-voltage electro-magnetic field that produces a gravity field. Apparently, it does not create an “anti-gravity” field but a field that is “out-of-phase” with the current one; in other words, the gravity field is “out-of-phase” with the same gravitational wave. (Note: phases vary from zero to 180 degrees.)

The Gravity Amplifiers focuses this mysterious gravity wave to cause space and time to bend / warp, similar to the intense gravitational field of a black hole.

Inside the reactor, protons are bombarded into the nucleus of the Element 115 atom, transmuting it to Element 116. When this occurs the element decays and releases / radiates small amounts of antimatter which is released into a tube, protecting it from reacting with matter. This antimatter is then directed toward the end of the tube where the antimatter and a gaseous matter collide and annihilate, converting 100% of the matter into energy. This energy is then converted into electrical energy by a thermoelectric generator at 100% efficiency and is used to amplify the gravity wave.

When the craft is near a source of gravity, such as a planet or moon, the Gravity Amplifiers are positioned in an “omicron” configuration (only one Gravity Amplifier is used.) This allows the craft to travel short distances.

When the craft wants to travel long distances in more vacuous areas of the space/time continum (in other words, interstellar travel via hyper-space) the Gravity Amplifiers are positioned in a “delta” configuration (all three amplifiers are used and positioned in a vertical position) and are pulsed in a rotational pattern.


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