The Cherry Creek UFO Incident

22 May 2012, 10:19.

The Cherry Creek UFO Incident

There aren’t many UFO reports about a UFO that floats right above the ground or actually lands. An excellent report about this type of appearence with multiple eyewitnesses is the Cherry Creek UFO Incident of 19 August 1965 in New York. The Cherry Creek UFO Incident was investigated by several groups, including the National Investigations Committee On Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), the New York State Police and a five-member group of the U.S. Air Force.

The Cherry Creek UFO Incident

Around 8:20 pm the 16-year-old William Butcher operates the milkingmachine for the 17 cows in the barn of the family farm. At that time William has 3 family members and another witness in his company. While William performs his daily chores he always listens to the broadcast of a local news station. The broadcast suddenly gets interrupted by static. At the same time the engine driving the milkingmachines stops. The bull wakes and starts to widly pull the chains.

William walks to a window in attempt to find the source of disturbance. He gets frightened when he sees a big oval object at about 400 meters from the barn(he would later estimate that the UFO is 15 meters wide and 6 meters tall) . William clearly hears a steady beep tone and red smoke comming from underneath the object. After having seen the object for a few seconds it disappears into the clouds.

The Cherry Creek UFO Incident

William immediately contacts the house of the farm and tells the other family members what just happened outside. The family walks outside of the house and the first thing they notice is an odd smell. A green glowing colour in the clouds shows where the UFO disappeared from view.

About half an hour later the UFO suddenly appeared again, circling above the farm. William’s mother immediately called the police. Two policemen came on the spot, asked questions and checked the evidence. Then the police alerted the Air Force.

The day after the strange appearance above the farm of family Butcher, Captain James Dorsey, Operations Officer, 4621st AF Group along with 4 technicians came on the spot. When they investigated the bottom, the found a strange purple liquid and the ground was scorched at serveral places. Also strong impressions were found of a bout 5 centimeters wide and 5 centimeters spread apart.

After the team of Dorsey had completed their investigation Jeffrey Gow of the NICAP took some samples of the scorched grass and purple substance. The samples were send to the Kawecki Chemical Company. The Warden of the company was an advisor at NICAP.

Graphical analysis of the spectra of the purple fluid showed that the main elements in the liquid aluminum were iron and silicon. There were traces of phosphorus found in the samples of the scorched grass that could provide a phosphate how smell.That could explain the strange odor the family smelled when walking outside.

State Trooper Richard Ward witnessed a strange UFO with 8 lights not far from the Butcher Farm. Ward states that he saw the object fly twice as fast as a jet plane could while making a strange sound.

Dr. Fred C. Fair and John Maxwell of the NICAP New York, finish the investigation. They believe – their analysis of all findings and our own research – that the Cherry Creek UFO Incident is not made up. To add some more estoric to the Cherry Creek UFO incident: William Butcher was again questioned, he admitted that the Air Force had informed him in plai nwords that he was not to discuss the Cherry Creek incident with anybody, esle he would suffer the consequences.


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