Strange flying objects ( UFOs )

05 May 2012, 11:58.

For decades people from different backgrounds report that they have seen ‘strange objects’ flying through the sky. Some of these people even managed to capture one on a photo or even a live video. In many cases this results in a fuzzy picture or shaking video of something that looks like a ‘spot’ in the air. Usually people who weren’t witnesses themselves¬† are going to explain what the observes saw. From a balloon to a cloud or having drunk to much alcohol to just calling people crazy. Every argument is fine as long as the story of the observers are not confirmed.
For those who have never seen a UFO flying by it generally doesn’t care who did see it. All credibility stops when one UFO in the air begins. Even official reports of soldiers, pilots and officers are being dismissed as nonsense.

Seeing is believing.

Slowly but certain there is a change comming. More and more people dare to come forward with their testimonies, and increasingly scientists dare to speak out. Even the media is milder and where they used to bring the UFO news with a smile on their face,¬† they now increasingly devote serious attention to it. How could it be otherwise, there are so many people that have seen ‘something’, and they were certainly not all drunk or temorarily mentally unstable. Many documentarys about UFOs and aliens are already produced. So the question rises….. Perhaps they are right?

Theoretical physicist Professor Michio Kaku says the ABC documentary “UFOs: Seeing is Believing”, “You simply can not dismiss the Possibility That thesis or some UFO sightings are actually sightings from some object created by an advanced civilization because … on the off That chance is there something there, that ‘Could literally change the course of human history. “

For a much of the population it does not matter. For those who have never seen a UFO flying through the air it remains nonsense or at least questionable. Fortunately it doesn’t matter anymore today. The group of people who have seen UFOs continues to grow, so it’s just a matter of time untill the group who has never seen a UFO gets smaller then the group who have seen UFOs.

As more media and officials dare to speak out more, people will start sharing their individual experiences more. Ofcourse there will be some fake stories or just common mistakes like mistaking planet Venus for a UFO. But that does not matter, the course is set and the proof increases.

And now?

Slowly but surely the vocal mind concerning UFOs opens. Meanwhile observers keep gathering more evidence for the non-believers to argue. Where we used to had to defend our UFO sightings, nowadays it is mainly the skeptics who are in need to bend over backwards to try to refute the testimonys and proof. A comfortable situation.

The get the phenomenon on the social agenda for once and for all its important not to draw conclusions from the observed phonomena. For now the strange objects that we share the sky with are just ‘strange objects’. The statement of if flys and its not an airplane so its an alien is for many people one step to far. Lets start with the statement: “There are indeed unknown objects flying through the air”. This is a statement more people can relate to and this way sience can easily follow.


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3 Responses to Strange flying objects ( UFOs )

  1. Good article, nice read.

  2. I think today people are quite willing to accept theres something out there,
    just all the sighthings here on earth get dismissed as nonsense.

  3. Cool overview

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